About me

A bit about me – my name is Janet and among other things I am psychic and a medium. Being psychic is not always what people think. I’ve heard all the jokes such as ‘I should have seen it coming’ etc, etc. I have been extremely sensitive or psychic since I was very young. My mother’s side of the family were all psychic in one form or another, my Mum and her Mum being tea leaf readers and dream interpreters. My Mum used to do card readings for people just using an ordinary deck of playing cards and she was very accurate. It was Mum who gave me my first pack of tarot cards although it was quite a while before I really used them properly. I ‘read’ peoples energy and can see their auras but that has not always been the case. I had to work at that part of my talent. I can learn a lot about people by reading their energy. A person’s aura will always show their true self. 

As a young child I used to complain about always having people in my bedroom at night until it got to the point where I would not sleep in my own room. I now realise I was seeing spirit people and even now I find they ‘pop’ in to have a look round and see what’s going on this side of the veil.

I started Charisma in October 2008 when I knew I was due to be made redundant in December 2008. I have worked to qualify in the therapies I currently offer over the past few years and am continuing to train in others in order to help my clients. I trained with the spiritualist church to work as a psychic and medium and am an accurate tarot reader. I am also qualified in counselling skills to level 3 and use these skills when doing my readings.

I am attuned to Reiki Master 3rd degree and am a qualified therapist in several holistic and complementary therapies. 


And for anyone with an interest in the astrology side of life I am a Leo with a Gemini moon and Venus in Cancer. So I'm a natural leader, I see 2 sides to every story, I'm sensitive and loving and my ascendant is Virgo so I'm a bit of a perfectionist in everything I do!



Janet Norton

Tel: 07875 132854

E-mail: jan@charismainspirit.co.uk