Animal Healing and Communication

Use of Energy in Healing Animals

Energy healing is channelling of natural universal healing energy. "Rei" means "universal", "ki" means "energy".


Energy is channelled from a universal source through the hands which are gently placed on or near the recipient working within the aura. The energy flows into the body, clearing, straightening and healing energy pathways within the body. The energy helps to cleanse the body of toxins and release blockages. It activates the body's ability to heal itself working on physical, mental and emotional issues and helps with pain relief, stress relief, clearing tension and bringing relaxation.


Behavioural problems in animals can be as a result of physical problems, pain, mental and/or emotional problems. Using energy healing on animals can help with behavioural problems as well as encouraging the animal to build trust and understanding with its carer.


The animal's carer also benefits. As part of the treatment I invite the carer in while I am working. By placing a hand on or near the animal as I work, carer and animal energies come into balance and attune to each other creating a greater understanding and ability to work together as a team.


Distance healing can also be sent to an animal by using a photograph of the animal.

How it started

I am a natural healer using energy healing and reiki. Long before being attuned to Reiki I did "hands on" healing on various people and creatures including my mother's elderly terrier, my own spaniel and even my mother after she suffered a horrific injury which resulted in major surgery following a fall.


I have been around horses and other animals for most of my life, having had dogs from an early age and my first horse when I was 12 years old. This wonderful animal taught me a great deal about horses in general but even more so in his later years as I strived to keep him as fit and well as his advancing years would allow.


He came to me at the age of 2 and left this life at the age of 32 so for 30 years he was a daily part of my life. As a teenager I spent hours with him, sitting in the field or stable with him, telling him all my problems. In turn I found he talked to me and told me things. he told me about his aches and pains when he got older, who he liked in the field and who he didn't, and he told me very clearly when he no longer felt comfortable being ridden. That's not to say we no longer went out anywhere, we did, but this time me walking along side him. He enjoyed his walks!


As a Reiki practitioner most of my clients initially were human until Buddy, my lovely grey Irish gelding suffered a particularly debilitating injury to his hind leg. Every day I worked on him, sending healing energy to the area of injury, asking my guides and angels for their assistance in his healing and asking Buddy how he was feeling. At the time he was clearly not feeling good about it at all and was in a lot of pain.


After the first week of treatment although he was still lame he told me it was improving and he was not in as much pain. After two weeks of treatment Buddy was sound and in no pain. I continued the treatments for a further week and Buddy continued to enjoy them, standing quietly with his head lowered and soft in eyes in a state of relaxation. My vet was stunned as his opinion was that the injury would take a month to 6 weeks to heal.


Since then my work with animals has progressed from having occasional "chats" with local horses at the request of their carers to working with rescue dogs and other animals.


Horses in particular are extremely sensitive to what is going on around them and pick up energy imbalances as a result. By inviting the animal's carer in during treatment I am able to bring both theri energies into alignment resulting in a much calmer, relaxed and understanding relationship between the two.