Weekly Spiritual and Psychic Development Group

My weekly psychic development group currently runs on Monday afternoons. The group runs from 1pm to 3pm each week and the cost is just £10 per week.


This group is a great follow on from the one day workshop if you are looking to take your development further or to start new and find your spiritual and psychic path.


For further information please ring 07875 132854


I also offer 1-2-1 development on request. Each session is approx 1 - 1 1/2 hours. The cost is £30. Please ring 07875 132854 to book an appointment if you are interested in 1-2-1 development. (Not currently available)



If psychic and spiritual development is something that would interest you please ring 07875 132854 or email jan@charismainspirit.co.uk for details of further groups to be run.