Spirit Guides and Power Animals

We all have spirit guides, often more than one. They are with us to guide us, love us, advise us and help us on our journey through life.


We also have power animals, or animal spirit guides, as well as our guides in human form. Power animals bring their own significance with help and guidance and by learning to connect with and work with all our guides we can enhance our understanding of our journey.


This fun and exciting workshop takes you through meeting and learning to work with your spirit guide and how to recognise your power animal and get to know how it can help you.


On this workshop you will:


  • Meet your spirit guide during meditation
  • Learn to recognise when your guide is close
  • Practice automatic writing as a way to contact your guide
  • Meet your power animal
  • find out what your power animal means to you
  • Understand what your power animal is teaching you