Working with Angels Workshop Level 1

Have you ever asked the angels for help? 


Have you met your guardian angel?


Did you know there are different angels for different roles? 


Would you like to learn how to work with the angels?


If any of these questions interest you then this workshop may be for you. In this workshop you will:


  • Learn about angel hierarchy;
  • Recognise different angels and how they can help you;
  • Learn to recognise signs from the angels;
  • Meet and talk to your guardian angel;
  • Meet some of the archangels;
  • Learn to read angel cards;
  • Receive a personal message from an archangel.


Working with Angels Level 2

This excting new workshop takes your angel knowledge and connections a step further.


On this workshop you will:


  •  Connect with individual Archangels

  • Cutting ties with Archangel Michael

  • Clear and heal Karma with Archangel Jeremiel

  • Heal with Archangel Raphael

  • Write a letter to your angels - and recieve a reply

  • Discover your soul imprint with your angel
  • Invoke the Violet Flame with Archangel Zadkiel